Ocular Health Analysis

Take a moment to analyze your clarity and focus…

Accurate vision gives you the ability to see life with precision.  It offers a sense of assurance while driving at night, and allows us to comfortably perceive our surroundings.  The following questions are intended for you to honestly assess your eyesight and to help you better understand vision improvements that could enhance your quality of life.  Think about your vision and ask yourself the following questions:

Are objects constantly blurred and out of focus?

Are you a diabetic with dark shadows in your field of vision?

Are you a diabetic with fluctuations in vision quality?

Are you a diabetic with sporadic eye pain?

Are your eyes red and have a scratchy feeling?

Do dark colors seem muted or hazed?

Do have trouble focusing on distant objects?

Do you ever experience double vision?

Do you experience a burning sensation upon closing your eyes?

Do you experience difficulty seeing at night?

Do you feel discomfort in your eye, almost like you have sand in it?

Do you find yourself squinting to focus?

Do you get headaches or strain your eyes when reading?

Do you get teary-eyed when you wear certain perfumes, lotions, or cosmetics?

Do you have a difficult time distinguishing between different colors?

Do you have an increased sensitivity to light?

Do you have difficulty seeing in low light situations?

Do you have difficulty with depth perception?

Do you have one eye that wanders while the other is looking straight ahead?

Do you have red, itchy, puffy eyes?

Do you see partial double images around an object when trying to focus?

Do you want to eliminate the need to wear your contacts or eyeglasses?

Have you been poked in the eye with a foreign object?

Have you experienced an increase in drainage fluid that crusts around your eyes?

Have you experienced an increased feeling of pressure behind one or both eyes?

Have you experienced difficulty navigating while walking?

Have you experienced pain in your eye after an injury?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, it may be caused by a serious eye condition.  To receive a personalized assessment of your ocular health analysis, please complete this form.

Recognizing a change in vision or unfamiliar pain is the first step in determining chronic eye conditions. Contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.

Note: Messages sent using this form are not considered private. Please contact our office by telephone if sending highly confidential or private information.


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Words are not enough to express the kindness and care I received from Dr. Bernard Perez. I am an RN, Health coach who works in the hospital. And I had asked the physicians I work with who they use for their optimal vision. They told me "go to the Perez brothers ". I am grateful for this recommendation to this day.
Dr. Bernard Perez has examined my eyes to fit me with the best lens in contacts. This has benefited me to see far and near as an RN and figure skater.
Time was never a factor in his examination room as he educated me and exchanged glances to try to find the optimal power for my eyes.
I am now post-op from intraocular lens placement surgery related to cataracts. Dr. Bernard Perez displayed the essence of loving kindness in my care. My mother has scheduled an appointment that she has witnessed his passion and kindness Dr. Bernard Perez is a devoted physician and a healer who puts the patients needs first.
He is an earth angel.
Thank you for taking such great care of me.


Copied from a hand written card from A 9 Year Old Patient

Dr. Perez,

I was blind in one eye until I met you. Now I can see everything. My wish for Christmas was 20-20 vision,
and I have it because of you.
Thank you so much!


Check back for a letter coming from her Mother explaining the story.


When a young patient heard that Dr. Ben was being treated for throat cancer she wrote him a letter...

Dear Dr. Ben

I’ll never forget the memorable night I experienced when A Frisbee hit my eyeball the night before Easter. When all other doctors refused to come in and see me when they heard about the incident, you did. Out of the kindness of your heart, you thought of me as one of your own children. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about what you did for me you are my hero. Not just once did you save my eyesight, but you did on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, it’s your turn to be the patient as opposed to being the doctor. I have spent all of my life at the patient and you have inspired me to become a Doctor in the near future. As an experienced patient, know the doctors want to help you and keep a positive mind. It may seem that the doctors are putting you through the worst treatment possible, but they want to help. You will get better just give it time.

You are a very important person to me and when Dr. Don told me what was going on I was upset. I do not understand why God puts people with special hearts through such difficult times. My hypothesis is that he knows you have enough power and strength to overcome the high level of adversity. You are a wonderful Doctor with a great soul and the obstacles you go through for your patients are very generous. Your magical hands have saved hundreds. I know God has sent a special Doctor out there for you and you will be ok. You were my special Doctor that God made sure I had when I was in need, or in their words, my guardian angel. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. With each passing treatment, know that you are getting closer to a full recovery, and back to your office to check on my eyes!
All my Love,


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